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Fridgen Excavating and Tiling, LLC provides their customers with all of their comprehensive Farm Drainage System needs.

Do you have problems with ground that has become saturated with salt?  Tiling will get the salt out and increase crop yields.  To improve your land and yield production, a Farm Drainage System had been proven to be the number one management practice available.  By installing drain tile in your field, it will provide better soil aeration, reduce compaction and decrease soil erosion, resulting in a stronger root development which allow oxygen to get down to the root system.

We use modern equipment such as; GPS, laser controlled equipment, Lidar & Pipe Pro programs to design a drainage system for your specific needs.

A less expensive alternative to tiling is Surface Drainage, with scrapers and Lidar mapping. Ask Tom about this optionas well.  Ask about "French Drains"  and how they differ from surface drains.  You can farm over them instead of going around them, wasting valuable farm land and time.

We install water Water Control structures that hold the water back when there is a dry spell and also lets the water go when it is wet.

The end result will be higher, more uniform yields and an increase in the value of your land.

Fridgen Excavating and Tilling, LLC will first survey your field to determine the best spacing by looking at soil maps, lay out and size of the tile needed for proper drainage.

Our employees are dedicated to ensure the best possible job will be done for you and will put money back in your pocket in the years to come.  If you are thinking about having fields tiled, Fridgen Excavating and Tiling, will take care of all your needs from start to finish.  If you have your own plows and need help getting started with tile plans, nees a main line put in or any other tiling nees, please call our experienced staff to get the job done professionally with Fridgen Excavating and Tiling LLC.

Please contact Tom Fridgen at 320-808-7019 for all of your Farm Drainage needs. He will be more than happy to discuss with you options available for your particular farming needs.