About Our Services and Pilots:


The Wheaton-Dumont Aerial Spraying, LLC operates two modern turbine-powered airplanes, an Air Tractor 502B and an Air Tractor 402A, and a third productive Air Tractor 301, all equipped with state of the art GPS systems, GIS systems, flow controls, real-time meteorological systems, and precisely calibrated spray equipment.  Our pilots have 67 years combined experience.


We can help you with all your pre- and post-emergent aerial application needs:

  • Application of liquid and dry fertilizer
  • Application of fungicides, insecticides, and herbicides
  • Aerial seeding
  • Cover crop seeding.


Benefits of aerial application:

  • Ability to apply crop protection products in a timely and efficient manner.
  • More economical coverage of large areas.
  • Can treat crops faster than ground machines, which is critical for disease/pest control.
  • Aerial application pays for itself and puts more money in the grower’s pocket!
  • Applications are not limited by wet soil.
  • No soil compaction.


Aerial application is a critical component of high-yield agriculture. High yield agriculture, which includes the responsible use of crop protection products, produces maximum crop yields from fewer acres. Some farmers apply their products from the ground using ground equipment, but many have realized that using an ag plane to do this work is often more efficient and effective. At a minimum, an airplane or helicopter can accomplish three times as much application work as any other form of application can. With the speed of the aircraft, we are able to go to any location in short order and keep both locations caught up on workload. We also have available to us a network of aerial applicator operators to draw help from during peak times.



Wheaton Location

Chief pilot

Bryan Hauschild is the chief pilot for the Wheaton Dumont Coop Elevator. Hauschild has over 35 years of aerial application experience. He has completed aerial application of crops in Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, and Montana. Hauschild is a native of Dumont Minnesota and a graduate of the University of Minnesota Crookston, and Lake Area Technical Institute.  He is also a certified aircraft mechanic, with Airframe & Powerplant, as well as Inspection Authorization ratings.


Newest Pilot

Wolfgang Brink is the most recent addition to the piloting staff of the Wheaton Dumont Coop Elevator.  Brink is a 2015 graduate of the University of North Dakota with a degree in Aviation.  While there he was also able to attain experience in competition aerobatics, seaplane operations, multi-engine aircraft operations, as well as becoming a certified flight instructor.  Born and raised in Dumont MN with an extensive agricultural background, Brink will be returning for his fourth season of aerial spraying for the Wheaton Dumont Coop Elevator.


Sisseton Location

Location Manager

Jeff Bell is the Sisseton location manager and pilot. Jeff has been flying for over 38 years, with 26 years of application experience all over the Midwest and in the western mountainous areas. He also flies in the jungles of the Far East doing mission and humanitarian work in the off season. He is an experienced aircraft mechanic and enjoys building his own aircraft. Originally from Wisconsin he now planted roots in South Dakota.



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