Deferred Payment 2023

Cut off for Deferred Payments will be December 8th, 2023. (No one will be able to defer payment to 2024 after 12/9/23.) Thank you for your cooperation!


Once a producer prices his grain or has it applied to a contract, he has until Friday, December 8, 2023 to decide if he wants to have a deferred check for that grain.   A deferral contract will then be issued out of Wheaton that the producer will need to sign and return.  The producer will receive his deferred check on January 2, 2024.  

Please note that once the grain is put on a deferred contract it can not be reversed. 

Any grain that a producer has that is priced before the end of year that is not put on a deferred contract before December 8,  will sit "open and priced" until he/she calls one of the offices  for a check.